Norman Estes is the President and CEO of NHS Management, LLC. Mr. Estes started with three nursing facilities in 1981, and has since developed individual companies which operate or manage 50 nursing facilities in the southeast. He has worked in and for nursing facilities all of his life, continuing a family tradition which started three generations ago.

Norman Estes

He has a current Nursing Home Administrator’s license and participates in numerous industry-related organizations. Mr. Estes is involved in other independent business ventures within the long-term care industry including pharmacies, therapy companies, and a medical supply company.

Mr. Estes has been a leader in various trade associations for the states in which NHS supported facilities operate, specifically:

Alabama Nursing Home Association
Missouri Health Care Association
Florida Health Care Association
Arkansas Health Care Association

He is also an active member of the American Health Care Association and has served on its Regional Multi-facility CEO Committee, the Policy Council and Steering Committee to Save Long Term Care, where he was Chairman of the Tort Reform Sub-committee.

Mr. Estes has served as President of the Alabama Nursing Home Association (ANHA) and Chairman of the Payment for Services Committee, where he successfully negotiated with Medicaid on behalf of the nursing industry.

He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Missouri Health Care Association and its Legislative and Payment for Services Committee.