NHS Management, LLC provides administrative and consulting services for individual health care facilities and companies across the southeast. Facilities served by NHS employ a comprehensive approach to care ensuring that their patients and residents receive the highest quality of care practical.

Quality of care remains the number one priority among the 50 facilities we serve. The facilities are committed to providing their patients and residents with an enriching environment to keep them involved in the community and to assist with the activities of daily living. Facilities served by NHS provide skilled nursing and rehabilitative services to their residents including, but not limited to; physical, speech, and occupational therapy, dietary services, recreational services, pharmacy and environmental services.

Whether residents and patients need short-term therapy, skilled nursing care, or other complex medical services such as Alzheimer’s care, nursing homes served by NHS can provide a program that is tailored to their residents and patients. The facilities also understand that their resident’s needs change. As the needs of residents change, professionally trained staff will develop a care plan that provides their residents with uninterrupted care along the spectrum.

One link in the quality care that the facilities provide is to the families of their residents. Nursing homes served by NHS will keep you involved in the care of your loved one to ensure that they receive the highest quality of care and are able to enjoy a high quality of life.

NHS Management, LLC and the skilled nursing facilities we provide support to, consider it a privilege to serve your loved one. Each local, skilled nursing facility strives to offer the highest level of care practical – It is a commitment that you can trust.